Luh Quick Boss is a gangster/gospel rap artist from St. Louis, Missouri named Larry L. Henderson, Jr.  He is also known locally as being the lead artist in the music group “314 GANG” and others.  In his music you receive a unique sound that crosses over into gospel, unlike any other rapper.  The music received is a spiritual descriptive of short stories about his street toughness into gangster, that lead him into the gospel song (I’m So Blessed) and how his frequent prayers to God’s for help and guiding, out of the darkness to become a good father (while learning from the past mistakes of his father), and a man to the community.  The stories of his pain and struggle endured. His stage name “Luh Quick Boss” was given for his heart of love and styles of his voice.  The “Luh Quick Boss” experience is one of a kind.   His contract is three year, ten concerts sixteen song CD with the remix of the core "I'm So Blessed" song. His CD is due in 2023 based upon $3,900,000 award in the contact plus $2.35 per CD soled and other .12 cent overall royalties..